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IT-educationSince the late 90’s schools have been using technology to enhance the learning experience of students, however over the past few years we have seen significant development in technology available to learning institutions.

From prep to university, students and teachers are turning to their screens. In fact, at the University of NSW, book loaning has declined 20 per cent each year, with students instead working in groups to seek information online.

Technology is transforming methods of teaching by facilitating engaging and interactive learning for students. Across the country, most schools from K-12 have implemented some form of electronic learning, allowing students and teachers to immediately connect to the internet and access to information.

Is your school tech savvy? Here are some key indicators to look out for:

1. Interactive Whiteboards throughout

Interactive whiteboards are a popular way for teachers to deliver info to kids in a fun and engaging way. The whiteboards allow teachers to present multimedia, convert freehand writing on the whiteboard into text and print it for students. Interactive whiteboards are incredibly successful in junior school environments.

2. Tablets are widely used in class activities and homework

Touch-screen interfaces and animation provide a great way for students to interact with educational material. From online textbooks to digital tests and exercises, students are exposed to stimulating new ways to learn, across a variety of subjects. Many software vendors are making their products available on tablet form, and many websites are becoming more responsive & adaptable to mobile devices with smaller screens such as iPads.

3. Laptops are the norm

Whether laptops are issued by the school or a BYOD/BYOB (bring your own device/browser) policy is in place, most schools have integrated laptops into the curriculum. Many have pre-installed educational packs which offer access to a vast collection of resources, activities and learning aids. Large computer rooms are becoming less common, being replaced by smaller specialist labs. Another great solution are Google Chromebooks, they provide an affordable device that connects directly to the Google Apps Cloud platform.

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Graeme Campbell
RubraTec | Managing Director