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Turning Off Wifi Assist Will Save You Money

  A feature recently released in Apple’s iOS 9 for iPhones is the ability for your mobile data to take over if you are connected to a sluggish Wi-Fi connection. The issue is what happens if you didn’t realize and you don’t have the data to cover this?... read more

Shellharbour store now open

Today on the 27th of April 2015 we are excited to announce the official opening of our Shellharbour store. Today Local Member of Parliament Gareth Ward assisted with the “cutting of the ribbon” and celebrated with us along with surrounding business owners,... read more

Business Laptop Buying Guide

How much does a business spend on a laptop? See below. Is your business above or below average? Another trend that we are seeing in the market is many laptop users choosing Solid-State Drives (SSD). Many people are choosing to sacrifice storage space for speed, and... read more

3 Signs your school is keeping up with tech

Since the late 90’s schools have been using technology to enhance the learning experience of students, however over the past few years we have seen significant development in technology available to learning institutions. From prep to university, students and teachers... read more