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The most important thing for a business IT system is to make sure that it is increasing productivity and adding value your business. I have seen many solutions used within a variety of businesses for email, file storage & organisation. But the problem is that many of them:

  • Require high levels of maintenance.
  • Restrict sharing and collaboration.
  • Come with high licensing and training costs.
  • Perform slowly and/or contain bugs.

Generally speaking, a majority of businesses have had problems with their IT system at one point or another. Perhaps your business has been in a place where you wish you could get rid of your whole system and just go back to pen, paper and the telephone. Majority of software packages/suites have had their fair share of issues. For example, have you ever been working in Microsoft Word on an important document and then all of a sudden Word freezes, crashes and then much to your disappointment closes. Maybe you have attempted to open a document but it was ‘locked’ as someone else already had it open. Or have you ever been out of the office and really wanted to get access to a file for a meeting but you forgot to save it to your USB? I could go on with a long list of software short-falls… but I won’t.

What makes Google different?

So looking at what makes Google’s set of ‘apps’ better than everything else out in the market. Basically Google Apps has all the great features that is required from a productivity software suite. Google Apps is cloud-based, it helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s a simple solution with powerful features, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Some great things about Google Apps:

  • High security and reliability.
  • Your data is always backed up.
  • Stay connected anywhere – it’s cloud based so you will always be connected to your files!
  • Multi-platform connectivity – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android – works on all devices.
  • Work together in real time – Google Drive collaboration.
  • Requires hardly any maintenance.

Google Apps include:

  • Gmail – Google’s mail platform.
  • Calendar – stay organised and on time with calendars with powerful features.
  • Drive – online file storage, access your files from anywhere with collaborative sharing capabilities.
  • Hangouts – video conferencing to a brand new level, an easy way to stay connected and save time.
  • Sites – shared work spaces for your team.

Google Apps could be the most useful tool for your business.

RubraTec is an authorised Google Apps Reseller so contact us today to get Google Apps working for your business.

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