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I always find it amazing that people are so scared of I.T. that they forget to ask even the most basic questions of their service providers. Perhaps its the perception that should you ask a stupid question, your service provider will think less of you?? Im not entirely sure. In working with a company last week, we came up with a list of questions that they should ask every time their I.T service provider wants them to invest  their I.T. systems.

Here they are in no particular order.

  • What is this going to improve? or what problem does this solve?
  • What is going to happen if we don’t do this proposed work or upgrade? what systems will be impacted?
  • How long is it going to take to complete the job?
  • If its a big job, ask it to be broken down into milestones, and then ask how you will know when those milestones are hit?
  • what impact is it going to have on our service delivery during the implementation time?
  • what changes will be made to our standard operating environment?
  • once completed who and how will our staff be trained to use the new system?
  • Can we use existing infrastructure? (for example some systems can be virtualised on current hardware)
  • If we cant justify this expense at the present, what is the next best option?
  • How will i know when the job is done? what will be different?
  • Who is going to report the progress to me during implementation and at what points?
  • How does this effect our business continuity plan? will we need to change it, does this new service need to be added? who will add it / review the document?

I trust that this will give you the right questions to ask next time your I.T support company wants you to re-invest into your systems.

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