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Harness Cloud Technology in your business

Cloud technology utilises the power of the Internet to provide flexible services to your business. The power of the cloud is limitless! It can give you the ability to securely access your data from multiple devices no matter where you are. The security and reliability of the cloud is almost unmatchable.

So how can the cloud benefit your business? RubraTec has implemented many different cloud-based solutions into major businesses with great success. From personal experience we have found the following list to be the major benefits of the cloud:

  • Greater security – your data is backed up onto multiple backup servers in a number of different locations/data centers.
  • More flexibility – you can access your data securely from anywhere in the world through a number of different devices.
  • Reduced costs – when you move to the cloud you reduce capital expenditure on IT due to less up keeping costs.
  • Other features – such as multiple user collaboration and sharing. Perfect for businesses with multiple offices and sites.

Google AppsGoogle Apps Authorised Reseller

The Google Apps platform is becoming increasingly popular within a large range of businesses. Not only do Google Apps provide email services, they provide a wide range of apps that can decrease downtime. increase productivity and encourage collaboration within your business.

Google Apps include:

  • Google Mail – Google mail has proven to be the most reliable email system in the world, with minimum downtime you will always have access to your email account.
  • Google Calendar – A calendar with powerful features, such as calendar sharing, booking features, alerts, and group calendars.
  • Google Drive – Google drive enables you to create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and drawings. Take advantage of user collaboration with state-of-the-art sharing capabilities.
  • Other great features – such as Google Sites/Google Analytics and business customisation/branding.

RubraTec is an authorised Google Apps reseller and we have successfully migrated businesses ranging from 5-10 users to large enterprise companies onto Google Apps. For more information, contact us now or visit our blog post here

Web Design & Hosting

Having a great online presence is essential in today’s business world. A great website, activity on social media and regular blogging are just a few things that businesses use to enhance their online presence. How effective is your online presence? With majority of business now taking place online it is so important to have a group of strong online followers (each of whom is a potential customer).

RubraTec can build or redesign your website to exactly how you like. With extensive knowledge in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS we build your website in a manner that is easy to use and edit through a simple administration user interface.

Need help with social media, tracking traffic on your website or improving your search engine rating (SEO)? Don’t worry, we do that too! We can give you all the tips and tricks to building (and maintaining!) your business online presence.