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A feature recently released in Apple’s iOS 9 for iPhones is the ability for your mobile data to take over if you are connected to a sluggish Wi-Fi connection. The issue is what happens if you didn’t realize and you don’t have the data to cover this?


The feature is called Wi-Fi Assist, a lot of Android handsets on the market have this and have had for few years. On Android handsets, the feature is setup to help you download larger files quicker by mixing Wi-Fi with mobile data. Thing is, on Android handsets, this isn’t turned on by default, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally downloading a large file with your mobile data.

Apple is using this feature a little differently on iOS 9 because, by default, Wi-Fi Assist is on and will allow your mobile data to kick in if your Wi-Fi connection is too slow.

While this seems like a handy to have, which makes sure you’re always connected to fast internet, it can also catch you out if you have limited mobile data limits.

So what do I do to turn it off?

Step 1:

Go to your settings app.


Alternatively, you could search for Wi-Fi Assist with the new search functions in settings.

Step2: Go to the mobile menu:


After you’re in the Mobile menu, scroll right down to the bottom until you find the Wi-Fi Assist toggle and tap it off.


Or you could keep it on if you have the data for it.

That’s it. Have fun and keep those data bills down.